Test scores eliminated from teacher evaluations

CEA Urges Action on Supreme Court Nominee

Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch’s record of siding against students with disabilities is troubling enough. But when senators on the Judiciary Committee confronted Judge Gorsuch about it, his responses raised more serious concern:
Exposed! Supreme Court nominee wrong for students

We can’t have a Supreme Court justice who believes students with disabilities deserve the bare minimum when it comes to education and then isn’t forthright about his rulings when asked.

Senators are voting TODAY to advance Gorsuch’s nomination out of committee. It’s more urgent than ever to email to tell your senators to vote NO on Neil Gorsuch.


Judge Gorsuch has ruled against students with disabilities in 8 out of 10 cases. InMuskrat v. Deer Creek Public Schools, he held that confining disabled students in a windowless closet as a form of punishment did not “shock the conscience.”

See for yourself. Watch and email your senators now.

The bottom line is that Judge Gorsuch’s rulings have made it harder for students to get the services and learning environment that are most appropriate for them. Our students deserve better.

Take two minutes to send an email to your senators. Tell them to vote NO on Neil Gorsuch.

Alice O’Brien

NEA General Counsel

Statement from CEA President Sheila Cohen on PEAC’s Actions Regarding the Use and Purpose of Mastery Test Exam


The Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) yesterday took a giant step forward in addressing teachers’ concerns regarding the use of state mastery exam results in teacher evaluations. PEAC defined the clear use and purpose of the state mastery exam, agreeing that it should not be used to evaluate teachers.

PEAC unanimously agreed to recommend new guidelines to the State Board of Education that specifically define how mastery test scores can and cannot be used. The new guidelines say: “The state mastery test results can be used to inform goal setting and professional learning for appropriate educators, but cannot be used as a measure of goal attainment or in the calculation of the summative rating for an educator.” Click here to read the new guidelines or visit blogcea.org.

The recommendation now goes before the State Board of Education. We are hopeful that the SBOE will adopt PEAC’s recommendation at its April 5 meeting so that we can continue to move forward to improve the educational opportunities for all public school students in Connecticut.


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JOIN IN: National Call In Day

Student learning conditions are educator working conditions. That’s why it’s so important that educators have the right to advocate for better working conditions.

President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch has consistently sided against workers. And that is just one reason why we are urging Senators to vote against his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Join workers around the country for a national call in day – call your senators right now! Click here to get started.

A Court with Neil Gorsuch could be disastrous for public school students and educators, and for workers around the country.

By joining with educators and other working people around the country, you can send a strong message to your senators that protecting workers must be a top priority.

We can’t trust Neil Gorsuch to protect our rights. Make sure your senators hear from you today that Gorsuch is wrong for students, wrong for educators, wrong for workers, and wrong for the Supreme Court.

It just takes 2 minutes for you to call, and all our calls together can make the difference. Get all the info you need at this link.

– Lily

Lily Eskelsen García
National Education Association

PS – Can’t make a call today? Call tomorrow! Or the next day! Your senators need to hear from you all the way up through the first hearing on March 20, and through the vote. So call any time you can.

Students’ rights are at stake

Act Now: Tell your senators to vote NO on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Speak Up Now!

Right now, there is a case before the Supreme Court that will decide whether schools have to support students with disabilities. It’s one of many education-related cases on the horizon.

As I’ve said before, nearly every big legal question that affects our nation’s students and educators eventually makes its way to the Supreme Court.

Hearings on President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court start in less than two weeks. And Judge Neil Gorsuch has a troubling record:
Gorsuch has repeatedly ruled against students with disabilities who seek public education.
He’s consistently sided with big business at the expense of working people.
He’s embraced views that could put workers’ rights in danger on issues like employment discrimination, worker safety, and wages and more.
Add your voice. Tell your senators to vote NO on Gorsuch.

Alice O’Brien
NEA General Counsel

Save the Date for CEA New Teachers Conference

Save the Date: CEA New Teacher Conference, April 1

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Designed especially for educators who have been teaching less than seven years, CEA’s annual New Teacher Conference will give you a better understanding of classroom management techniques, the teacher evaluation process, and your legal rights and responsibilities in and out of the classroom.

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