CEAGo dated Feb. 6, 2017


The Governor’s budget address is Wed., Feb. 8, but he has already outlined budget plans that impact our pensions and healthcare fund. Read CEA’s reaction. Read CT Mirror Article


CEA will be paying close attention to the governor’s budget plan and will keep you updated on proposals that impact our students, our schools, and our profession.

Stay tuned to cea.org and blogcea.org for updates and watch for a special CEAgo update in your email on Wednesday with all the budget highlights, video and comments from CEA leaders.

A shiny apple to these Connecticut legislators for introducing bills requested by CEA that would support students, teachers, and public education.

A rotten apple to these Connecticut legislators for introducing anti-public education and anti-union bills that would hurt students and teachers.


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She is the most opposed and unqualified candidate for Secretary of Education since the department was formed more than three decades ago.
More than 1 million teachers and supporters emailed and another 50,000 called their senators, urging them to oppose DeVos.
Senators Blumethal and Murphy held news conferences with Connecticut teachers opposing DeVos. A full senate vote is expected Tuesday.


Educators dodged a bullet with last year’s Supreme Court decision in Friedrichs. But teachers and all union employees are targets of anti-union forces hell-bent on trying to destroy our individual and collective bargain rights, and our union—and if Neil Gorsuch becomes the next Supreme Court Justice—that could happen sooner than later. Read A Five Year Assault on Teachers and Unions.


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September Rep Council Notes

NTL Rep Council Notes September 6, 2016

Treasurer’s report – Simplified statement indicated expenditures budgeted for the year. Charley Marenghi requested that sufficient funds be left in reserve in case our health insurance provider is changed again and we need to investigate whether it matches the benefits that we have had in the past ($7,000 – $9,000) and if the contract goes to arbitration and the follow up (approximately $20,000) Things are not going to be getting any easier in the future.

In an effort to make use of the dues/agency fees that go the CEA/NEA level, we will take advantage of the UNISERV rep Mike Breen to talk to us/provide training at our 10/4 meeting. He will be better able to meet the needs of our local union and meet with teachers by getting into the buildings. Anyone with elementary level concerns can speak with members of the grievance committee directly if they can’t wait for the next rep council meeting. We are currently understaffed and should try to be more proactive if we can. George would like someone to attend BOE meetings and report back to us.

Two building reps that attended summer training mentioned the fact that we have NEA life insurance, but we must go online and register for it and name a beneficiary. (I have not yet attempted to do this and am just passing it along.)

President has spoken with Mr. Montini about getting requests for personal days online to simplify the process. Sick days can not be submitted via e-mail. Mixups with some teacher’s certifications have been corrected, and some payroll issues/dues issues resolved.

21 paychecks will before the last day of school, so the 22nd will be on the last day of school.

Charley spoke of two teachers that did not have TRB (retirement) deductions taken from their paychecks for different lengths of time. They are working with payroll on having this amount taken out after the fact. Teachers should be certain that TRB is being taken out on a monthly basis.

Charley also urged members to make an appointment at the BOE to review their personnel file yearly or every other year. Bring a red pen and number the pages as you check to see what is in your file. We are supposed to be notified if something is added to it, but there may be surprises in it.

Finally for “itinerate” special teachers who travel between buildings: Make sure that you are getting your 220 minutes (minimum) of planning period per week. Definitely put in for your mileage that is allowed by contract. Also, given the current traffic in our district, are you able to make it between schools in the allotted time of 20(?) minutes? Please let us know if you are late due to the traffic so that we can avoid a grievance about this.

Nancy Janis was named webmaster for the NTL website and newsletter, as the previous teacher has left the district. (I haven’t gotten the password yet, but stay tuned.)

NTL has 26 new teachers, 10 more than last year. I forwarded our new staff list to the membership chair this morning so that the NTL roster can be checked for accuracy.

Some elementary teachers wondered if the cameras in the hallway also have audio hooked up to them. We are pretty sure that they are only video at this point, but we wondered if we would be notified if microphones were turned on. George will ask about this.

Teachers are not able to take half-day personal days; if you must take a personal day on a half day, a whole day is deducted.

Regular planning periods should not include PPTs more than once in a while nor be data teams, etc.

At the middle school, there was a question about teaching a lesson during administrative homeroom. Since there was no preparation involved and everyone was required to do it, it was deemed to be fair.

At the high school, there are some very overcrowded classes. 35-38 in PE, 30 in freshman health. Some of the smaller rooms as the high school literally do not have space for the student desks. They are hoping that parents can raise the issue to admin. There is also a major humidity problem in the building that is being looked into.

Some teaching positions at the HS were eliminated and an extra period has been offered to teachers for a very small amount of pay. Teachers should do the math and figure out if the extra responsibility is worth the compensation.

There are also some issues at Genesis Academy that will be investigated. Teachers are picking up breakfast for students and being trained on dispensing medications. There is no dedicated security guard or nurse.

If you are trying to determine your correct step, be advised that there were no step increases in the 2009-2010 school year, teachers only moved half of a step in the 2013-2014 school year and in the 2012-2013 school year and there were no step increases in the 2015-2016 school year. Use the grid in your contract to determine the correct step remembering these restrictions.

October Rep Council Meeting Notes

Rep Council Meeting Oct. 4, 2016 Notes

Our first day of school will remain a full day.

There was discussion that class size does not always match classroom size at the high school.

Personal days might be able to be able to be arranged by filling out an online form in the future.

Special area teachers that must travel from building to building should submit their mileage, although there is currently no paperwork available to do so. They should keep track of the mileage until this is available. They are entitled to 220 minutes of plan time. Please let a rep know if any special teacher is not getting their entire plan time.

One elementary school has a modified schedule for half days that allows teachers to have a shortened planning period.

Data teams should not be scheduled during a teacher’s planning period.

The two teachers at Genesis Academy have agreed to their flexible schedule. The academy is considered to be part of the NHS building, despite its location down the street.

Teachers are reminded to conduct themselves like professionals, as it can destroy one’s career, especially during the 90 day trial period. There have been some incidences recently.

For elementary concerns, I brought up the videotaping of teachers and students. To my surprise the district has the right to videotape teachers without our permission. They only need to inform us that it will be happening. Teachers do not need to worry about parents objecting to the taping of their child because the district would bring out their lawyers to defend their actions. They have purchased the videotaping equipment that will be used (as opposed to the personal devices of those doing the taping) and they feel that as long it is for internal purposes only they should be ok. It cannot be used for TEVAL or any evaluation purpose.

There was a suggestion that if a copier is not working, put in a ticket with IT.

Middle school teachers sometimes have a 40 minute wait before after school meetings begin. As long as the meeting ends on time, this is ok.

There are issues at NHS with heating and ventilation, obviously affecting their school climate.

Circulating teachers should have one building for their teacher’s meetings.

Mike Breen, our UNISERVE rep spoke with building reps at this meeting. He called Naugatuck a high functioning local. He stressed that we need two reps in each building. He will be presenting a workshop for the reps where he will share tips resources to make the job easier. It is essentially the training from summer leadership conferences that will allow us to a model local.

He recommended a ten minute monthly meeting at every school to share information from the monthly meeting. (I have been sharing my notes and sending them out via e-mail instead.)

If a teacher is told that they must have a meeting with an administrator, they are entitled to a building rep to sit in on the meeting as another set of ears. We may take notes but are not permitted to speak or be a part of the meeting.

Check your contract if you have a question. It is available online, and we are getting more copies for new teachers. Questions about going out on leave, payroll deductions, and the like can be answered by reading the contract.

If anyone has not gotten their CEA cards, please let me know.

Please check your pay stub to ensure that TRB is being taken out of the first check of the month.

Check your TRB statement (that comes in the mail) for accuracy. This is very important! I file them for future reference.

Please vote in the election.

ESSA is the new No Child Left Behind that shifts accountability to the states. The funding of CJF is now back on the table.

November Rep Council Meeting Notes

Naugatuck Teacher’s League Rep Council Meeting Notes
Nov. 8, 2016
President’s report
Concern about students with various subs at the high school
George spoke about the forum held by the school start time committee
Meeting with Jan Saam – It has been 45 degrees in the cafeteria.

Committee reports
Grievance – none pending
Membership – any changes, please let Cheryl Campbell know.
NTL website – huge issues getting in to make changes; it is a work in progress.
Elementary concerns – *If you are injured at work, an incident report must be filed with the nurse. It is a paper form that must be filled out and is needed in case of an issue. Bites may require a shot that is not normally covered by insurance.
Maple Hill has 6 people pregnant and there is concern about cabinets being demolished, floors replaced and electrical work being done. Parents were not notified of the schedule of work being done.
Sick bank – If you donated both years that it was offered, you may make a request to use days until all of the hours are exhausted. We may not carry more than 185 sick days, a school year’s worth of days. 4-5 people have used the sick bank.
Intermediate concerns – none
Some teachers were test for Kawsaki disease and the bill was covered. Because the principal sent them home for testing positive, I think no sick time was taken.
If all administrators are out of the building, someone needs to let staff know who is in charge.
While there is no dress code, the expectation is that teachers dress like a professional.
Middle School concerns – none
High School concerns – nothing new
The NHS survey about start time has been postponed.
Charley encouraged teachers to speak up at public forums, but to be professional.
Old Business
Building Rep PD/Dinner-not yet
New business
Vote on Election Day

Next Meeting GENERAL LEAGUE MEETING Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016 Rep. Council Meeting to follow PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND

January Rep Council Meeting Notes

Rep Council Meeting Dec. 6, 2016
We will do a donation to the Ecumenical Food Bank in March or later, after the holiday donations have been depleted.
March 2 – Read Across America – Our bus company may provide free buses for high school students to come read to elementary students.
At Central Avenue Preschool, the certified staff were asked to sign a code of responsibility and code of supervision. They did so, but our members should not have to sign such documents. After an email regarding the issue, they will be getting the originals back.
The reorganization of the NHS administrators did not happen.
Next New Haven County Forum will be Jan. 19.
Another Forum will on Feb. 2 at Cascades.
CEA RA will be May 5-6 at the CT Science Center in Hartford
NEA RA is in Boston June 29 – July 5 and we can send two people.
Check your TRB statement that comes in the mail. Check your salary agreement to make sure the amounts are correct. (Also check that you have been given credit for every year/partial years of service. Fractions count!) Longevity should come out of the first pay period of the month.
Naugatuck HS is not doing KLT training.
Next meeting for building reps is Jan. 3, 2017 at 4pm