Will They Stand For You?

Congress is getting ready to recess for the year. They still haven’t acted on the Dream Act. We have just a few days to make sure they don’t leave town without keeping their commitment to 800,000 Dreamers and their families.

The time is now for educators and allies to call Congress to pass the Dream Act. It takes 2 minutes and can make all the difference.

Watch 11-year-old Jasmine as she asks Congress to protect her parents. She is a US citizen and for Christmas all she wants is to be with her parents without fear of deportation. 

The Dream Act has broad public and bi-partisan support. So let’s keep the phones ringing on Capitol Hill until they bring it to a vote and pass it. To leave Dreamers’ lives hanging in the balance over the holidays is immoral and unjust.

So click here to call now. 

In solidarity,
NEA EdJustice Team

Author: Nancy Sasso Janis

Nancy Sasso Janis currently is a first grade teacher at Andrew Avenue Elementary School. She has been teaching first grade and kindergarten in the district for thirty years.