End of Legislative Session – A Message from CEA

The legislative session ended last week without a new state budget, prompting a special session this summer to address the issue. We expect to face some fights in the coming weeks, as legislators negotiate budget plans behind closed doors, not giving us an open dialogue regarding proposals. That means we won’t have a lot of time to react and take action.

We need to be ready to fight back against any proposals that attack teachers, disregard the needs of our students, or ignore the resources our public schools require.

The state should not balance the budget on the backs of students, teachers, and communities. But some legislators’ schemes involve shifting the cost of teacher retirement to cities and towns, increasing teacher contributions to our pensions, and other harmful proposals. These proposals mean less money for our schools, higher contributions from teachers, and higher property taxes.

From teacher pensions to cuts in education funding, we know politicians have all of us in their crosshairs. We must be vigilant to ensure that legislators don’t try to pass a budget that would negatively impact us.

I know that school will be out within days and that you are looking forward to some well-deserved time off. But I encourage you to stay connected to each other, to your local Association, and to CEA.

Please be ready to take action immediately when we reach out to you so that collectively we can urge legislators to put the needs of public education ahead of politics.

When we reach out to you, please be sure to read our emails and take a stand by making a phone call, sending an email, or meeting with your legislators. I need you—and every one of our colleagues—to stand up for our students and our profession.

There is truly too much at risk to do nothing or to rely on someone else to do it for you.

NTL Election Results Announced


President – George Macary
Vice-President – Mary Johnson
Treasurer – Jenn Barbarito
Secretary – Maria Ryan

Negotiating Team:

NHS:  Cheryl Campbell and Deb Rutigliao

Grade 6-8 Teachers:  Cathy Lungarini and Thomas Tousignant

Pre K – Grade 5:  Cathy Lungarini, Sofia Karistinos-Solomon, Karen Schiaroli, Erica Ladrigan

Special Services:  Tracy Theroux and Armand Maniccia

Grades 6 – 12 At Large:  Michele Russell