May Rep Council Meeting Notes

NTL Rep Council Meeting Notes May 2, 2017

At the beginning of the meeting, the agenda order was changed to allow Ed Bozenski, Director of Security to address some issues. A letter from the Superintendent’s office dated April 20, 2017 was distributed that listed improvements that have been made to security over the past three years. The full time position director was eliminated and became a part time position (20 hours per week) with a new job description, including reporting residency issues and home visits but no investigative work. Some of the unfilled duties could be done by administrators, but the BOE did the best they could.

Window markings should be on every classroom.

Parking stickers were a result of the School Hazard Plan from the Supt. Office in conjunction with the Police Dept. and it is a requirement that a parking permit must be displayed. Removable hanging tags were ordered for NHS which say “NHS staff,” but they are more expensive than the stickers made in the print shop that were distributed. Concerns were raised about having a car identified as belonging to a Naugatuck teacher and the stickers fading out. The ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ policy was also mentioned, but we were unsure if principals have access to the policy yet. Ed has not gotten authorization to send it out to staff. Please email Ed with any questions about any security issue.

This was followed by a lengthy discussion about an issue that happened back in December. Charley explained that he posted on his personal Facebook account about a policy at the high school that had upset his son. He stated that he did not mean to embarrass teachers at the high school. Mike Breen called Charley and asked him to take down the post, which he did. He also apologized to any teacher that was hurt by it. George stated that he should have addressed the issue earlier.

Financial report was distributed by Deb.

Charley reported that there are no grievances at this time. He reminded teachers that the “necessary and unavoidable” personal days must be taken by May 15 each school year, but after that date regular personal days may still be requested 48 hours in advance.

Cheryl Campbell reported that membership stands at 340 and to keep her posted of comings and goings.

Nancy Janis spoke of adding a counter to the NTL website to follow traffic and the reps thought it was a good idea to do so.

NTL concerns included the director of security going to part time.

Parking stickers (see above)

The Keep the Promise Rally will be held in Hartford on May 18, 2017. Buses will be available at various locations; Waterbury will leave Brass City Mall at 4pm. Teachers are encouraged to attend.

Elementary concerns – Teachers that have been injured on the job are allowed to request an ambulance for transport. The school nurse makes the determination. Questions about workmen’s compensation should be addressed with CEA 1 800 842 – 4316. The attorney’s name is Melanie Kolek.

There was a concern that an administrator would not write a letter of recommendation for a reading assistant. Reps recommended asking a teacher for a letter of recommendation.

No Intermediate concerns

Middle School concerns were that they are short subs often. The suggestion of having Super Subs that were paid more might help.

High school graduation is voluntary for teachers.

Old Business NEA/RA reps were elected

PDEC is having a terrible time getting a meeting scheduled.

Coming up is the Retirement Social and Summer Leadership Conference. Also to be done is the NTL budget for next year.

Details of the upcoming elections were discussed. Each rep was given 50 ballots. Members must vote on the day of the election and give back the ballot to the rep. Teachers must vote at the school where they receive their paycheck. Each person will initial a staff list when they receive their ballot and be checked off when they hand it back. Completed ballots will then be hand delivered to Bonnie Gerrish at Hop Brook.

Submitted by Nancy Sasso Janis

Author: Nancy Sasso Janis

Nancy Sasso Janis currently is a first grade teacher at Andrew Avenue Elementary School. She has been teaching first grade and kindergarten in the district for thirty years.