Students’ rights are at stake

Act Now: Tell your senators to vote NO on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

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Right now, there is a case before the Supreme Court that will decide whether schools have to support students with disabilities. It’s one of many education-related cases on the horizon.

As I’ve said before, nearly every big legal question that affects our nation’s students and educators eventually makes its way to the Supreme Court.

Hearings on President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court start in less than two weeks. And Judge Neil Gorsuch has a troubling record:
Gorsuch has repeatedly ruled against students with disabilities who seek public education.
He’s consistently sided with big business at the expense of working people.
He’s embraced views that could put workers’ rights in danger on issues like employment discrimination, worker safety, and wages and more.
Add your voice. Tell your senators to vote NO on Gorsuch.

Alice O’Brien
NEA General Counsel

Author: Nancy Sasso Janis

Nancy Sasso Janis currently is a first grade teacher at Andrew Avenue Elementary School. She has been teaching first grade and kindergarten in the district for thirty years.