The Supreme Court vs. Students

Nearly every big legal question that affects our nation’s students and educators eventually makes its way to the Supreme Court. It’s essential that we know any new Justice will protect students, and stand up for public education.

But Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee, has a track record that suggests he’ll be dangerous for students and educators. With everything that’s at stake, we must stop Gorsuch.

Sign the petition. Tell your senators to vote no on Gorsuch.
Gorsuch is wrong for students, wrong for educators, and wrong for the Supreme Court. Add your name, and demand your senators vote no on Gorsuch.

Alice O’Brien
NEA General Counsel

Author: Nancy Sasso Janis

Nancy Sasso Janis currently is a first grade teacher at Andrew Avenue Elementary School. She has been teaching first grade and kindergarten in the district for thirty years.