October Rep Council Meeting Notes

Rep Council Meeting Oct. 4, 2016 Notes

Our first day of school will remain a full day.

There was discussion that class size does not always match classroom size at the high school.

Personal days might be able to be able to be arranged by filling out an online form in the future.

Special area teachers that must travel from building to building should submit their mileage, although there is currently no paperwork available to do so. They should keep track of the mileage until this is available. They are entitled to 220 minutes of plan time. Please let a rep know if any special teacher is not getting their entire plan time.

One elementary school has a modified schedule for half days that allows teachers to have a shortened planning period.

Data teams should not be scheduled during a teacher’s planning period.

The two teachers at Genesis Academy have agreed to their flexible schedule. The academy is considered to be part of the NHS building, despite its location down the street.

Teachers are reminded to conduct themselves like professionals, as it can destroy one’s career, especially during the 90 day trial period. There have been some incidences recently.

For elementary concerns, I brought up the videotaping of teachers and students. To my surprise the district has the right to videotape teachers without our permission. They only need to inform us that it will be happening. Teachers do not need to worry about parents objecting to the taping of their child because the district would bring out their lawyers to defend their actions. They have purchased the videotaping equipment that will be used (as opposed to the personal devices of those doing the taping) and they feel that as long it is for internal purposes only they should be ok. It cannot be used for TEVAL or any evaluation purpose.

There was a suggestion that if a copier is not working, put in a ticket with IT.

Middle school teachers sometimes have a 40 minute wait before after school meetings begin. As long as the meeting ends on time, this is ok.

There are issues at NHS with heating and ventilation, obviously affecting their school climate.

Circulating teachers should have one building for their teacher’s meetings.

Mike Breen, our UNISERVE rep spoke with building reps at this meeting. He called Naugatuck a high functioning local. He stressed that we need two reps in each building. He will be presenting a workshop for the reps where he will share tips resources to make the job easier. It is essentially the training from summer leadership conferences that will allow us to a model local.

He recommended a ten minute monthly meeting at every school to share information from the monthly meeting. (I have been sharing my notes and sending them out via e-mail instead.)

If a teacher is told that they must have a meeting with an administrator, they are entitled to a building rep to sit in on the meeting as another set of ears. We may take notes but are not permitted to speak or be a part of the meeting.

Check your contract if you have a question. It is available online, and we are getting more copies for new teachers. Questions about going out on leave, payroll deductions, and the like can be answered by reading the contract.

If anyone has not gotten their CEA cards, please let me know.

Please check your pay stub to ensure that TRB is being taken out of the first check of the month.

Check your TRB statement (that comes in the mail) for accuracy. This is very important! I file them for future reference.

Please vote in the election.

ESSA is the new No Child Left Behind that shifts accountability to the states. The funding of CJF is now back on the table.

Author: Nancy Sasso Janis

Nancy Sasso Janis currently is a first grade teacher at Andrew Avenue Elementary School. She has been teaching first grade and kindergarten in the district for thirty years.