General League Meeting Notes

General League Meeting Notes Dec. 6, 2016
Treasurer’s Report – George would like to keep enough money in reserve for negotiations next summer. It would be great to have more people on the negotiations team to help with the process.
President’s Report –
The BOE budget this year vs. last year
The BOE did a 0% increase for this year, but they cannot spend less than they did the year before. With the budget deficits at the state level, grants we get may be cut.
George expressed concerns about a conservative being named to the Supreme Court that could be detrimental to unions and mandatory dues collection. At the state capitol level, we should also follow the news.
Insurance is also a big concern. Paying 5% with a high deductible may not stay. Andrea shared that putting a limit on the unlimited items in our health insurance might be a way to reduce the cost of the insurance.
George has a QUARTERLY MEETING with the Superintendent, Chris Montini, and the HR Director on Dec. 13 around 4:00pm to discuss concerns. On the agenda is a list of our teachers and their certifications that impacts our retirement and a report on average teacher attendance.
Membership – Cheryl needs to know when teachers leave and are hired so that the membership list can be updated.
There was discussion about Genesis Academy having one teacher (a tutor sub) that is alone with some students for two hours.
Old Business – PD for building reps is still being planned.

Next General League Meeting will be May 2, 2017